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28-Jun-17 IMP Powers added this week in RB Model portfolio by Darsh2012
28-Jun-17 Do Read Action Rationale of IMP Powers by Darsh2012

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24-Apr-17 Aaditya R Dhoot..  
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20-May-17 - Audited Results & Divi..
14-Feb-17 - Quarterly Results
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29-Sep-16 - AGM
12-Aug-16 - Quarterly Results

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28-Jun-17 Darsh2012 bought 1865  Shares
27-Jun-17 Darsh2012 bought 562  Shares
23-Jun-17 Darsh2012 bought 561  Shares
22-Jun-17 Darsh2012 bought 7302  Shares
21-Jun-17 Darsh2012 bought 2265  Shares

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