RB Stats
Access to online MIS Report of the Investors tracking the Company. Analytics of the members consuming the Company’s information is a part of the Statistics. Many participate in the earnings call after the event. Analytics of those analysts who used the transcript later is also available. It significantly increases the ROI of Management Time and Capital.
  Corp IR Profile
The IR Council profiles add Face to Voice helps investors to build a better connect with the management. The IR council includes the profiles of the Senior Management & the Q & A panel. Requesting you to keep the IR profiles updated.
  Book Concall
Automated systems to manage the analyst engagements and logistics. Events Calendar is a special attraction which helps the companies to schedule their event such that it doesn’t clash with that of the peer. Corporates using RB Analyst Connect service are featured in the RB Select section.
  Concall Details
Concall Details
  RB Docs/Events
Post your quarterly presentations, results, events, management interviews, annual reports and it would be available to the vast pool of investors at RB. A Daily Mailer in the same regards is sent every morning to the analysts briefing them on their stocks. Instant alerts about the event (including rescheduling) are notified to the analysts. Be available to Analysts when they want to (24X7) rather than when you can be available.
  Interested Click
It is a very good tool for the Investor Relations to gauge the interest level of an event and devise plan accordingly. If you find interest is low before the event, make your efforts to change that. Avoid the last minute panic!!
  Mail Exchange
Inbuilt Mailing System for the Corporates to reach out to Analysts connected to the Company. Any update on the company can be sent to the connected analysts through the system.
  RB RoadShow
A special RB feature campaign to showcase company’s performance and potential. Initiates proactive dialogue with the analyst/investor community. Attractively positioned on the homepage, to ensure higher visibility.
  IC Rating
IC Ratings
  Sector Connect
An opportunity to interact and reach out to the Sector Analysts once per quarter. This would introduce companies to new set of Investors and touchbase with them updating on the Company's performance.
  Analyst Invite
Send invites to the analysts and provide them reason to connect and follow the company
  Star Analyst
Analysts from the esteemed Research Showcase Partners whose earlier Research Hits Targets (as indicated in Bulls Eye section) or upload their Research with confidence as they stick their neck out with their Recommendations are really Star Analysts !
  Get IR Support

Researchbytes is the Best platform for any Company to reach out to Investors. There are over 6000 Institutional Fund Managers & Analysts who are members at Researchbytes.

If your company wants to initiate an Investor Relations Practice there is no better than RB to guide you. We have the top IR Firms who actively use Researchbytes. Adfactors PR , Dickenson Seagull, Concept IR, Valorem Advisors, Stellar IR, Citigate Dewe Rogerson, Four - S, Strategic Growth Advisors (SGAPL), Christensen who among them handle the top Corporates in India. 

Each have their strengths and all have an IC Rating assigned by analysts. We could help you select the best one suited to your needs.

  Host A Call

Does your Research House sponsor calls ? Important to note that most Buy Side Members listen to post call Transcripts . Researchbytes can ensure your Research House Brand is highlighted to these members !. In fact you could be accessible to these Influential fund Managers.

Researchbytes is an ideal partner if your Research House wishes to sponsor / host a Corporate earnings event. RB not only is available to manage the call logistics through top vendors; it ensures invites are sent to the relevant set of audience i.e Fund Managers / Portfolio Managers / Buy Side Analysts / Sell Side Analysts / Large Investors. The Value added benefits in the process which will significantly increase the ROI of the effort put in. Your Organisation can draw the benefits of this event through the Analyst Kit.

RB can also approach the RB Select Corporates where RB has very close relationships in case you are keen to host any of the corporate events.

  RB Participate Meter
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Danger Zone
Risk Zone
Premium Access
Gold Member Access

RB Credit / RB Debit Meter measures the level of your participation. RB is an information platform of the Members for the Members. RB Meter attempts to remind and push, less participating members a bit, to play fair. Members in Danger / Risk levels may experience some difficult in access. Members with Premium and Gold levels will get prompt responses for their requests and some new interesting features.  


Please participate actively and ensure that RB is able to provide you with even greater wealth of information. . RB Credits are given out quite liberally. Simple logging in once a day gets you credits. Just updating your profile will earn you about 1000 RB Credits.  Posting Events / Documents gets in nice credits and it is not tough to manage a Premium + level. 


Post relevant documents (such as presentations, investor updates) / Annual reports which are not in the system already. RB will attempt to organize these documents for you for posterity, accessible to you, at anytime, anywhere. Your active participation will help you !. Apart from that, it will entitle you to RB Credits and ensure uninterrupted / Non delayed access at high speed.

  RB Home (upcoming Conf. calls)

Institutional Members :

Institutional Members are entitled to certain access which non Institutional members are not. The Focus is different for Institutional. Get an overall view of the updates happening in the companies in the order of the recent ones is available on the Home page. This includes the schedule of the upcoming events, any new document posted, ratings, research, interviews, interesting articles, Credit Ratings announcements and a lot more ! They can Rate the Corporates with the IC Rating !

Corporate & IR Members :

Corporates have a Dashboard which entitles them to many different things. They can reach out to the Members who track them / Update Management Profiles / Engage with Analysts and a lot more.

Non Institutional Members :

The focus of RB is to provide Non Institutional Members with a host of Research Ideas. Researchbytes acts like a gold mine for every serious Investor. Of course there are limitations and Non Institutional Members will need to participate to ensure an uninterrupted non delayed access.

  Update Profile

Member profiles are visible to Corporates. Ensuring your complete profile will help the Corporate connect with you better. Corporates will actively reach out to such Members with their Investor Communication and be available for personal interaction! Member profiles / Achievements / their Research / Comments in Media will be showcased amongst the most relevant audience of Global Investors. Members with updated profiles will be entitled to certain access of members or Corporate Members.

  My Dashboard

The Dashboard is the essence of Researchbytes. It’s a bird’s eye view of the stocks you track. Download of any item from a company adds the stock to your dashboard thereby reducing the hassle. The upcoming and recent events are highlighted and you know exactly what has changed.

  Corporate Access

Leverage Researchbytes to increase your Corporate Access team’s efficiency.


Researchbytes will act as a technology arm for the team. It will facilitate the Investor Corporate engagement.

  Showcase Research / Analytics

Researchbytes as a platform would be delighted to help you showcase your research capabilities to the pool of the investors. There are 20+ Research Houses whose Research gets highlighted. The Brand is promoted amongst the most relevant community. Do write to contactus@researchbytes.com to take this forward.