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Evaluate Research

Evaluate Research provides institutional quality research on midcap equities on a global basis. The need for independent [non investment banking focused bulge bracket brokerage firms] company research is greater than ever before as brokerage firms and traditional sell-side research firms continue to shrink around the world. Our 20-page plus Initiation Reports evaluate in great details all aspects of publicly-traded companies: growth opportunities, catalysts, business description, competitive positioning, SWOT analysis, risks, etc. In addition, we determine specific price targets for all covered companies based on detailed 5-year complete forecasts of financial statements including IS, BS, CF, ratios, etc. Our price targets are supported by long-term DCF models. Finally, whereas many sell-side brokers offer sketchy and irregular ongoing maintenance research of companies, if not outright dropped or termination of coverage, at Evaluate Research we systematically monitor and regularly publish Update Notes covering quarterly earnings, major corporate events, etc.
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